Development stopped.

Due to migration in Mi Band 7 to ZeppOS. For Mi Band 7, use my new ZeppPlayer.

For whom?

This application was created for Mi Band watchface designers. You can use it to preview your work without compilation. Notice: this app can't pack/unpack or edit watchface. To do that, you must use some other tool, like Pokka's editor. For more information, check this.



Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-based):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:melianmiko/software
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mibandpreview

Arch Linux \ Manjaro

Use 'yay' or other AUR tool.
yay -S mibandpreview-git

Like Mi Band Preview?

Leave feedback by telling about issues or suggesting ideas for improvement. You can also support me financially, so I can spend more time on development =)