OpenFreebuds is a management software for HUAWEI FreeBuds/Honor EarBuds series devices for computer. Allows you to change noise-canceling modes and various Bluetooth headphone settings without using your smartphone.

Available for Windows and Linux. Features:

In fact, the program almost completely replaces AI Life.

The program does not have any main window, only displays an indicator in the notification area, from where you can access the main settings and the device setup menu.

Links: - Source code - Translate to other language


Gnome Shell: no indicator in system tray

This desktop environment didn't support tray indicators and applets out-of-box. So, to use OpenFreebuds, you must install extension AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support.

How to configure hotkeys in GNOME Wayland

The built-in keyboard shortcut feature will not work under Wayland, and there is currently no way to solve this problem. The reason for this the protocol itself.

Therefore, you can assign keyboard shortcuts through the system settings.

To do this, open Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Additional keyboard shortcuts. Add a new keyboard shortcut, with an arbitrary name. In the "Command" field, enter

openfreebuds action

Where action can be

  • next_mode - next ANC mode
  • mode_0 - disable ANC
  • mode_1 - enable ANC
  • mode_2 - enable awareness ANC mode
  • connect - connect device
  • disconnect - disconnect device

For example, this is how my Ctrl-Alt-Q keyboard shortcut setting looks like to switch noise reduction modes:


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