Install OpenFreebuds

Download prebuild package

Linux repositories

Ubuntu 21.04+ (and based):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:melianmiko/software
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openfreebuds

Arch Linux \ Manjaro

Use yay or any other AUR-manager:

yay -S openfreebuds

Linux: build from source code

You can build this app from source code. First, check that you have listed bellow dependencies, and install missing.

  • Python 3.9+ and pip3
  • Python GObject bindings (python-gi)+
  • Python DBus bindings (python-dbus)
  • Tkinter and python bindings (tk, python-tk)
  • Appindicator3 (libappindicator3)
  • Bluez, PyBluez (bluez, python-bluetooth)
  • Git, Make
  • Gtk3
git clone
cd openfreebuds/OpenFreebuds_Desktop

# Install other python deps
pip3 install -r requirements_lib.txt

# Make and install
sudo make install

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